Fall season and fall season, love U Xiaohong makes your skin no longer dry

As soon as it entered November, it was dry with the north wind, and the girls who loved beauty found that their skin became rougher and the sensitive muscles were red. In this season, the mask has become a “save artifact” for girls. Every woman can’t do without the mask. If there is a mask, it can not only add moisture to the skin, but also make the skin moist and refreshing. It also clears the coolness to soothe the skin fatigue. Do you really want to apply it immediately? The mask is the love of U Xiaohong, which is favored by countless women.

If you pay attention to observation, you must have seen the propaganda of U Xiaohong on TV or in your circle of friends. Since the founding of U Xiaohong, I have been bringing the “freezing age” to female consumers with its rigorous high scientific research technology. Rejuvenation of the face of the face. Although it is a cheap mask, the quality is not lost to the high end film. And let U Xiaohong have such a magical effect, that is, its core patent raw material is B-HA active hyaluronic acid (formula patent number: 201710250848.3) with high efficiency of promoting absorption and absorption celebrity dresses.

Love U Xiaohong’s B-HA active hyaluronic acid through the recombinant human hyaluronidase, the enzyme instantly reduces the macromolecular hyaluronic acid into small molecules, which can instantly open the skin barrier and allow nutrients to reach the skin quickly. After transdermal absorption, it can deeply moisturize and improve the moisture content in the skin and the stratum corneum. If it is used for a long time, it can scavenge free radicals, make the skin healthy and metabolize, diminish wrinkles, improve skin tolerance and enhance skin barrier function. Reduce the damage to the skin from the external environment. So as to soothe dry skin, peeling, rough, fine lines, sensitive skin problems, so that the skin is hydrated, smooth and full.

Take out the love U Xiaohong, first of all will be attracted by its tall red packaging, open the package, you can smell a faint aroma, take out the mask paper, the essence inside is thick and thick, full of drops Come down, it will be nourished at first glance! Apply love U Xiaohong, mask paper super delicate super service! The clear and cool mask feels soothing the skin fatigue, feeling the skin is full of water! Mask Don’t waste any remaining essence in the bag, pour it out on your hands and neck, and let every inch of skin “eat” nutrition! After 15 minutes, massage the remaining mask on the mask paper. Acupoints on the face accelerate the absorption of nutrients. Wash your face and you will have a surprise discovery! The skin is tender and tender, the peeling phenomenon disappears, the red blood of the sensitive muscles disappears, and the entire face glows! This is the love U Xiaohong high concentration active hyaluronic acid B- The efficacy of HA and a variety of moisturizing factors!

Love U Xiaohong uses pure natural ingredients, does not contain hormones, preservatives, fluorescent agents and other additives. Sensitive muscles and pregnant women can also use it with confidence. No wonder more and more girls have fallen in love with U Xiaohong. !

The “Asian International Film Festival” held the “China Film Day” event, tribute to the Chinese realist film master Wu Tianming

The “Asian International Film Festival” (AWFF), which was promoted by 50 countries and sponsored by 50 countries, held a retrospective of “China Film Day – Wu Tianming and His Chinese Films” at the famous Arclight Theatre in Culver, Los Angeles on November 12th. , pay tribute to the Chinese realist film master Wu Tianming. Three films, directed by Wu Tianming and known as the classics of Chinese realist aesthetics, “Life”, “Laojing” and “River without a Navigation” are shown at the festival.

Wu Tianming, director of the Youth Film Special Fund, Wu Liping, an actress who has appeared in the movie “Laojing”, Sun Haiying, a famous Chinese film actor, and many Chinese film research experts from Hollywood film industry and famous universities in Southern California. Nearly one hundred students from overseas have participated in the screening activities throughout the day.

Wu Hao and Lu Liping were in the answering session of the screening hall and the audience after the screening of the film “Laojing”, and they were welcomed by the audience celebrity dresses.

Lu Liping said: “The individual has always been very admired by Director Wu Tianming, and he is very honored to have the opportunity to appear in this film. Wu guide is so serious and hard work on a work. In order to shoot the movie “Laojing”, he I can go to Laojing Village for three months to experience the lack of water and use my life to shape this movie. At that time, the elite of this group gathered, and Director Wu Tianming held an open mind and listened to different opinions.”

Lu Liping said: “It is still unforgettable that the memorable details of the filming and the stories behind the film are enough for a book.” Her high praise for the role played by director Wu Tianming in the film is “too much like another, and there is no such thing as another actor.”

Wu Tianming’s daughter, filmmaker, and Wu Hao, who is also the director of the China Film Foundation-Wu Tianming Youth Film Special Fund, inherits the tradition of his father’s commitment to helping the rising stars and provides support for young directors. She said that in the future, she will also cooperate with the Asian International Film Festival to bring the works of Chinese young directors to the film festival.
Georges Chamchoun, chief executive of the Asian International Film Festival and famous film director and producer, said that the film “Laojing” was hailed as the first realist aesthetic representative in the history of new Chinese cinema. Wu Tianming’s series of films is the most representative of the history of Chinese cinema, and the classics of realism that stand the test of time. Director Wu Tianming’s unparalleled contribution to modern Chinese cinema has been to discover and cultivate a group of talents who are still active in the Chinese film industry.
Many Chinese young filmmakers and film students from the scene watched Wu Tianming’s film and were shocked and respectful of the artistic expression of the work. In 2019, the top ten Chinese Outstanding Youth Awards from the United States, Chen Yanan, an outstanding young actor from Taiwan, specially applied for a new filming period and flew back to Los Angeles to participate in the 2019 National Top Ten Chinese Outstanding Youth Award winner and young director Xie Yun. After attending the 2019 China Jinan Wu Tianming Youth Film Summit, he immediately rushed back to Los Angeles to participate in the day’s screening. Yao Zhuo, a young film composer at the Berklee College of Music, said that as a native of Xi’an, he is particularly proud today.

After the end of the question and answer session, the audience’s enthusiasm for Sun Haiying and Lu Liping, especially the enthusiasm of the young audience, makes people feel that there is no difference in age. Sun Haiying and Lu Liping are peaceful and friendly, and they are impressive.

The Asian International Film Festival is co-organized with the Oscar Association of Foreign Journalists to recommend excellent films for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film Awards. This year, 50 countries from the Asia Pacific region recommend films to participate in the film festival, including the Chinese film “Where”, recommended by the Japanese government. Xin Haicheng’s new film “The Son of the Weather”, the Korean film “Parasite” and other excellent films with international reputation.

Xiao war vs. Li Xian, the beauty of the age of beauty, not only the endorsement

The horn of the double eleven has been blown. In addition to various preferential activities, the use of cute little brothers to rob the fans’ wallets is also the killer of various brands. Not long ago, the officially announced “now boyfriend” as the spokesperson of Estee Lauder, in the double eleven He also recruited Xiaozan into the team of spokespersons.

More and more beauty brands choose male stars as their spokesperson. According to media statistics, as of September 2019, there have been more than 24 beauty brands and contracted male stars to endorse celebrity dresses.

The day before the double eleven pre-sale, Estee Lauder’s Xuan Xuan war was the brand’s Asia-Pacific makeup and fragrance spokesperson, and also launched the Xiao War limited gift box, which accounted for 8.52 million sales in one hour. On the day of the double eleven pre-sale, Estee Lauder realized a transaction volume of nearly 500 million in just 25 minutes, surpassing last year’s double 11 full-day turnover, and realized a transaction volume of 587 million yuan on the first day.

But in fact, before the endorsement of Estee Lauder, Xiao Zhan and Li Xian’s dressing table have been exposed. Although the male stars have embraced the beauty brands whose main user groups are women, what are they actually using? Let us open from their dressing table.

Xiao Zhan

In the previous self-timer of Weibo, there was a dressing table under the stage. Although it should be basically a makeup artist’s thing, the reference meaning is even bigger. After all, you can’t really expect your brother to take a brush to the face. On your own.

Skin care articles: rich brother is a plum boy

The famous essence water of Lamei is thicker than the general lotion. It is mainly used for moisturizing and repairing.

You don’t have to say much about this cream. Kimura Takuya of the creamy period is on the list. The main repairing ability is very suitable for sensitive muscles and often needs to stay up late to redden and dry skin.

I have been wondering between the mask and the hand cream for a long time. Finally, according to the number of lines of the word, it is indeed a hand cream, 800 hand cream! Charcoal grilled rabbit claws do need good care!

The more beautiful the CPB family star members at night, the concealer and clear lady foundation can be used to create natural radiant skin. A little bit of oil will look more radiant, like a second layer of skin.

ARMANI’s small dropper, the same series and a Maestro Glow light droplet tube are redder in China. The upper face of the dressing table is matte finish, the texture is moist and light, and the durability is also good.

It is actually a cheap alternative to Guerlain, not Guerlain’s deity is quite special, clear and moist, with a faint glow on the upper face. Suitable for dry skin, it can create a smooth skin.

A relatively unpopular powder, recommended by Grandpa, said to let him use the fifth piece of powder. After the face is like a feather, there is no powdery feeling at the same time, and the oil control is not strong enough for dry skin.

Pui Ling’s limited-edition make-up tray last year, Pui Ling’s annual color palette is very conscience, basically a big hot color match, such as the repair capacity of this disc is very practical.
       3CE’s old net red, looks like the color number is more like the overtake than the dumb disc, the orange-brown color is very friendly to the novice, casually with the basic will not go wrong. Compared with the price of the skin care products and counters of the ladies, the subsequent cosmetics are relatively cheaper. After reading the dressing table prepared by Xiao Zhan’s brother, the next step is to let us look at the “now boyfriend”.

Li now

     “Now boyfriend” when sharing “Dear, love” when sharing the skin care products that had been on Xiaohongshu, may have been deleted because of the skincare endorsement, but the Internet has memories!

The famous fairy water, many expensive brands of lotion are aimed at mature muscles and dry skin. Only it, a lady who uses her heart to make oily mothers~

Although there is a fairy water, but Li also has this nickname of the gods of the immortal water, the main plant essence is not added, refreshing and can also achieve moisturizing.

Sisley’s ace product, Xiaobian remembers a Japanese model’s makeup book that he saw in junior high school, this product, and the right sea blue mystery water is said to be a gold match.

It is also a product that has been red for many years. It is said that it can regulate the secretion of oil from the skin. Li now says that his mixed skin can be used for wet compresses, calming and anti-inflammatory.

How can a star dressing table have no sea blue puzzle? Sure enough, Xiao Zhan with the same essence of water, do not need to use a cotton pad, pat on the face with his hand, the effect is better and more water-saving.

The translucent gel texture absorbs quickly and does not have a sticky feeling. The function of repairing first aid is very good. For a career like an actor who often stays up late, it is really necessary to have a home.

Lancome’s men’s cleansing, the main sense of refreshing, if you can’t think of a birthday to give a male ticket, then buy some big-name men’s skin care products is actually a good choice. You can also make yourself happy, straight men can accept.
A low-foam, fragrance-free cleansing gel with a white gel-like texture that has a certain cleansing power and does not have a noticeable tightness after washing.
The “now boyfriend” mask is a cheap and easy-to-use word of mouth. This pink muscle beauty 3D mask is mainly used for collagen and elastic tightening, which is very suitable for use as a makeup front film.

Tijia Ting’s blue pill is also used to say good, the main deep hydration. It is a first-aid mask that is rare at this price. The little sisters in the office handcuffed.

Of course, in addition to the domestic red-hot traffic, the makeup style of the domestic men’s team has always been controversial, and the style of the natural actor-free makeup that domestic actor is pursuing is different. The stage makeup of Aidou is not polite. The makeup style of domestic love beans is greatly influenced by South Korea. It is better to focus the magnifying glass on the dressing table of the popular male group in South Korea.

Wu Shixun articles

EXO member Wu Shixun’s microblogging self-timer has a dressing table brought to the preparation, except for the expensive Rolex, others are still very good GET the same paragraph ~

Although it is a cheap makeup, NYX, which has always been popular with professional makeup artists, also appeared in the background of Wu Shixun. This color is very neutral earth color, that is, it can be used with a variety of color jumps and can draw a complete eye makeup alone. The color rendering is not high, suitable for novices, but if there are many hands.

Zovea’s 12-color eyeshadow tray is a streamlined travel pack with a pumpkin tray. The warmer everyday color scheme, the male love beans used on the face will not feel very rushing. Yiquan? Soft lip balm ¥49/only

It is also a hot item, it is not oily, it will not change the texture of the subsequent superimposed lipstick, it is very suitable for lip moisturizing before makeup.
The versatile papaya cream comes in, and it is also very useful for making the lip membrane. Apply a thick layer before applying makeup, then wipe off before applying lipstick, the lips will become soft and moist, and you can take away the dead skin. .

Arden’s hand cream, almost the side has been used, the empty bottle is the best Amway, with a touch of Chinese medicine, the texture is sticky but not greasy.

      Needless to say, the dry hair spray necessary for home travel can make your hair fresh and fluffy. Even if you are in a hurry, your hair will not look greasy.

       The above is the makeup of the three male stars brought to you by Xiaobian. Compared with the female stars, the makeup of the male stars is not so grand and complicated, and the dressing table is also simple and practical. Some skin care products that are mainly repaired are also suitable for people who often work overtime and stay up all night. The makeup is mainly natural, and some wild and multi-purpose color plates are popular, even if they travel, they will not take up any space.

Ted Baker and Langhao Group formally sign a joint venture agreement to jointly develop the Greater China market

On November 8, 2019, British fashion global lifestyle brand Ted Baker and Langhao Group held a signing ceremony for the establishment of a joint venture in Greater China. The joint venture company will be responsible for developing and operating markets in China, Hong Kong and Macau, covering retail, wholesale and e-commerce channels. Ms. Celine Chen, Chairman of Langhao Group, Mr. Lindsay Page, Global CEO of Ted Baker, and Ms. Jing Yin, Managing Director of Ted Baker Greater China Joint Venture, attended the signing ceremony and witnessed this milestone with the media and guests present. time.

As early as April this year, Ted Baker has reached a joint venture intention with the Langhao Group to jointly develop and operate the Greater China region celebrity dresses.

Langhao Group is a fashion group dedicated to leading the fashion concept of fashion and creating a diversified lifestyle. In 2004, it became the exclusive distributor of GANT, the global lifestyle brand in the United States. From 2015 to 2017, it was the British shirt family under the LVMH Group. The partnership of the brand Thomas Pink began to work with the American modern fashion brand bebe in 2015 and has mature experience in bringing high-end retail brands to the core market.

The British Ted Baker brand is a fashion lifestyle brand with a good reputation worldwide, covering high quality clothing, fragrances, watches, luggage and many other fields. Ted Baker’s previous developments focused on the European and North American markets. Ted Baker is determined to deepen this trend as China becomes the world’s largest fashion market. Cooperate with Langhao Group to realize the localization of the brand, explore and stimulate the brand’s huge growth potential in the Greater China market, and seek more meaningful long-term development.

According to the agreement, Ted Baker and Langhao Group each invested 50 million yuan, totaling 100 million yuan, to establish a Ted Baker Greater China joint venture. Among the equity ratios of the joint venture company, Ted Baker and Langhao Group each hold 50% of the shares.

Ted Baker’s product design and features have been understood by Chinese consumers, and its product features and price/performance ratio are very suitable for the development of the Chinese market. On the basis of this good foundation, after the establishment of the joint venture company, the two parties will set up a design center in Shanghai, together with the London Design Center, to provide design and products to the Greater China region market, enriching the product categories required by the market. Such a team with an international vision will also become the driving force for the brand’s future advancement and development.

Mr. Lindsay Page, CEO of Ted Baker, has great expectations for the cooperation with Langhao Group and the future development of the brand in Greater China: “Langhao Group has rich channel resources and operation team in the Chinese market, integrating retail, The design, production and supply chain have been combined to create outstanding performance in the industry. We will share Langhao’s experience in the Greater China market, especially in the second and third tier cities in China, and Ted Baker in sales, training and branding. The combination of construction knowledge, I believe that the development of the brand in the Chinese market will be expected in the future.”

Ms. Celine Chen, Chairman of Langhao Group, is also confident in the long-term cooperation between the two parties. When talking about future planning, she said: “In the past few decades, the Chinese fashion market has developed rapidly, global brands are gradually entering, and competition is very competitive. Intense, consumers become mature and rational. Therefore, for Ted Baker’s future business strategy deployment, the biggest challenge is to fully understand the changes and trends in the consumer market, and use the changes in the market to optimize the brand and win the favor of consumers. Establishing a comprehensive omni-channel strategy will also be the company’s future focus in the Chinese market. It will expand brand awareness and image across platforms, create offline and online integrated sales networks across channels, and continuously improve customer experience as a better service consumer. One of the goals.”

Ms. Jing Yin, Managing Director of Ted Baker Greater China Joint Venture, said: “This delightful moment represents a key shift in Ted Baker’s China. The Ted Baker brand’s vision and leadership blend, coupled with strong The brand foundation and innovative capabilities, as well as the local advantages of the Langmu Group, provide an unparalleled opportunity for us to influence in the Greater China market. Thanks to Ted Baker Global CEO Lindsay Page and Langhao Group Chairman Celine Chen for their win-win cooperation. This has laid a solid foundation for Ted Baker’s development in Greater China. The shared belief in Ted Baker’s brand strength will inspire us to witness the success of the Ted Baker brand in Greater China.”

Langhao Group started in 2004, adhering to the concept of fashion originating from life, and has developed into a fashion group with several well-known international brands, leading the fashion concept of consumption and creating a diversified lifestyle. It has established more than 240 in 65 cities across the country. Home shop. Langhao Group and GANT reached a cooperation agreement. In 2004, the American lifestyle brand that perfectly integrated the American East Coast Ivy League elite culture and European classic style was introduced into the Chinese market. In 2015, it started cooperation with the Thomas Pink brand of the French luxury goods giant LVMH Group, introducing the products of the British shirt family to Chinese consumers, and successfully closed in November 2017. In 2015, we teamed up with American modern fashion bebes to lead the trend of contemporary fashion apparel in the Chinese market.

Langhao Group has a wealth of channel resources and operation team in the Chinese market. It integrates retail, design, production and supply chain. Based on years of deep cultivation in the retail market, it has consistently created a good performance that the industry praises. In the future, Langhao will not stick to the traditional exclusive agency model, and will gradually become an international brand management company. It will occupy a commanding height in this segment and seek deeper and diversified cooperation with the brand.

About Ted Baker

Ted Baker is the British global lifestyle brand founded in Glasgow in 1988. It was built with the image of a professional shirt maker. Subsequently, while rapidly expanding the outstanding men’s product line, Ted Baker has created its own unique style in many fields such as women’s wear, accessories, fragrances, suitcases, etc., and has gradually grown into a world-renowned lifestyle brand. Ted Baker combines traditional classics with modern styles. It is dedicated to the spirit of detail, reflected in the exquisite product design and selection of high-quality fabrics, and always insists on the classic British style in a humorous way, making Ted Baker The secret of fashion is to keep mystery “known to the world.

Going to Paris Fashion Week, I didn’t expect to be saved by these two items.

Hello, everyone, some time ago, this qio temporary substitute went to Paris Fashion Week for a business trip, because the work task is very temporary, so almost unprepared. A fashion editor can buy a “battle” without any time, and there is no makeup teacher to accompany him or her. How can I not lose this hard shackle?

So I launched a fashion-level emergency record warning, and put a lot of clothes (multi-purpose) column into the real life! I used 2 blazers to solve everyday wear~

There is also a super magical Sassoon magic wand to make all the shapes of the week. And it is convenient and easy to use. Even the makeup teacher has been planted by me celebrity dresses!

Then the next step is to share the good things with great selflessness, and dazzle your eyes and look good!

If you want to know more about Xiaobai’s editing of Dreams in Paris, just click on the vlog above!

2 suit jackets are temperature protection

 An hour before the trip, I checked the weather in Paris. Between ten degrees and twenty degrees, I thought that I should be colder than Shanghai. When I saw the plane, I found that the cold wind blowing from the front was real more than any weather forecast. I couldn’t help but sigh: Fortunately, I brought two suit jackets, which not only keeps warm but also conforms to the trend of this year. I don’t believe you, the hipsters wearing blazers on the streets of Paris. Too much!

The silhouette suit jacket is casually matched with trousers and T-shirts, which can attract photographers. It is simple and stylish. I suddenly want to thank Yves Saint Laurent for giving the female suit charm, so that we can meet confidently on the streets of Paris. ~

Plaid blazer

Plaid suits have always been the enduring style of the show, every year, the major brands of the T stage can see its figure ~ classic forever, a piece is always right around!

In fact, the plaid is divided into many types, among which the Prince of Wales with less color is favored by fashionable people! This plaid is a plaid composed of two lines of deep and shallow, classic and versatile. It’s very fashionable with simple plain Tee and jeans~ everyday life and work can be worn~

In addition to the Welsh plaid, Vichy plaid has also been sought after by young girls’ paper! It is the kind of plaid with white background and other colors. It is usually red, black and blue. It looks more fashionable and literary. Whether it is matched with the same pants or elegant dress, it is full of fashion sense!

My coat is a gray suit belonging to the Prince of Wales. It is very lazy to match the basic models. Then bring a retro exaggerated beaded earring to light the whole set of look!

The blazer is directly made into a blouse, and a waist pocket is used to separate the waistline. The length of the leg is two meters. It is easy to do!

Solid color blazer

 The simpler the more classic, the pure color blazer is such a presence, compared to the black and gray in the past years, occupying half of the suit world, this year’s big show show more lighter suit jacket.

But don’t worry, the classic models will never be outdated, your black, coffee color, gray blazer is still the fashion industry’s Wanjin oil, casually paired with a trend single product, immediately flew up, just like this year’s special popular tight Sports pants with a silhouette suit!

As mentioned earlier, the light-colored and color-colored blazers have risen rapidly this year, and their appearance has made the city look a lot more lively! The interior is free to match the black and white items, the color matching is not too rich, and the Total look is no more than three colors.

Speaking of French elegance, the faint smoky blue blazer may be the best choice. If you want to rebel against a mix and match, the sporty wind is comfortable and convenient. (In fact, I wanted to wear sports shorts, but that day. It was raining and windy in Paris. Due to the pressure of the old cold legs, I was slickly replaced with trousers.)

When the weather is sunny, I will take the time to take out my little skirt paper. The following look is a technique that uses the same color. The blue and white looks very refreshing, occasionally making a gentle female paper feeling. Still very good~

1 curling iron to get all the shapes

 In addition to the weather is too cold, the jacket is not enough to wear, there is still a difficulty: I feel that I am not enough to sleep, I have to get up early to pack myself! For my hand-disabled party, the 20-minute instant makeup look-and-match on the road with closed-eye curly hair artifacts is really an emergency savior!

20 minutes of instant makeup will not be shown to everyone, after all, sitting next to a row of beauty editors is a lot of pressure, I am afraid that after seeing them, I will have no face to survive ~ but prime, another artifact must be followed Everyone is highly recommended! Yes~ is the Sassoon magic wand that can create a variety of curly hair effects, just the latest trial money just got in Paris! Putting it into the bag depends on the fate of the haha~ but after the practice of the handicapped party proves that this artifact is too easy to get started!

This magic wand is very suitable for curly hair style. It can be suitable for all kinds of hair by three temperature (160°, 180°, 200°). The softer hair can choose 160°. The harder hair can be selected. 200°.

In addition to the temperature control, it can also choose different directions to make curls, there are left roll, right roll, mixed roll, it is very convenient to switch! Right 它~ It has 6 seconds, 8 seconds, 10 seconds, 12 seconds, four time slots can choose 嗷~ We can adjust the length of the time to determine the curl.

 Because I am more inclined to make large waves of curly hair, I usually choose the lowest temperature gear to create a light and mature curly hair. Sometimes I rush to the show, time is too late, I will put it in the carry-on bag, and wait for the gap in the waiting car to roll the hair that has not come and rolled! Although the personal behavior is a bit thick, haha, but this kind of artifact that can be rolled up at any time without plugging in is really suitable for our fashionable migrant workers who are on the road every day!

Is it a street shooting benchmark or an international supermodel, breaking the joint 3 days to participate in the show actually blew the mother tire solo?

The new issue of “Amazing Life” ushered in the international supermodel Liu Wen, who participated in the gold rush trip with the four gold sisters and Aya. After the first period, Xiaobian thinks she may be the most authentic guest of this program. One.

Throughout the process, Liu Wen moved her luggage, lifted heavy objects, dragged a rubber boat, joked, and was busy. Even on the road to buy equipment, she was helping two Chinese aunts to translate English. She still felt as comfortable as oxygen. Big cousin celebrity dresses.

Netizens who are familiar with Liu Wen should know that Liu Wen has very few emotional scandals. The only episode is to fall in love with Korean star Cui Shiyuan in 2015. The two formed a “pomegranate couple” on the show.

The two have always been in a high-sweet mode of the show, and they are affectionately called “Pomegranate Couples” by fans. They have gained a lot of fans and many netizens thought that they could come together.

In fact, from the “pomegranate couple” circle powder, to the whole people expecting her love history, and finally to clarify, things once settled, but in the latest issue of “The Adventures of Life”, when it comes to the status quo of the relationship, she still clarified herself again and again. Never talked about love, fans exclaimed tears, are they licking sugar just for business cp?

However, if you pay more attention to “Amazing Life”, you can directly feel Liu Wen’s sense of loneliness. Maybe the artist is often in an enchantment, or it may be slightly smaller in front of the glacial lake, so there is obvious emotion. The fluctuations, in short, she revealed the loneliness of many urban women.

The last few minutes before the ship was also the last contact time. Everyone called their relatives and friends. Only Liu Wen contacted his agent. The agent let her enjoy the three days without outside disturbance. This is also the first time she camped in her life. Liu Wen has a sense of being released by a bird, suddenly choked.

She bluntly said that the most intimate person in life is a working partner, and many wonderful moments are the empty and beautiful scenery that no one has shared. She lives in selective memory and says, “I feel that my life is very happy and I always remember happy things. “.

Both the program group and Liu Wen himself gave this lonely target to the work. Liu Wen is already at the top of the pyramid, but she still has not found the happiness of the emotional support, not There are no conditions, but no time.

Liu Wen said that when he still has no boyfriend and has never been in love, the women around him are not surprised. It is easy to think of work as a life, but who does not take the initiative to contact others.

In the 88 years, she is 31 years old. As an internationally renowned supermodel, behind the success is the hard work and hard work that no one can imagine. The body management is super strict, the reputation in the circle is excellent, the professionalism is high, and the degree of cooperation is high. Not a demon.

Like most girls who are solo, they don’t want to work hard and become independent and independent, but they often feel lonely, especially when they want to share.

Liu Wen has a kind of simple truth, pure and transparent. Her attitude towards life, her passion for work, and every fan who likes her, Xiaobian hopes to have a man who fits her soul. I am distressed, take care of her, accompany her to see the scenery~

Buying jackets in autumn and winter, many people ignore this

Good evening~ I finally came back from a business trip. Before returning, the friends in Guangzhou knocked on the drums and told me to cool down. You can wear new clothes. As soon as the results fell, it was still very hot! fall!

Tristan laughed in the car today, I am a “sunflower”, because we travel together, my position is always in direct sunlight, where I change, where the sun goes. The recent business trip is also like this. I thought that except for other places in Guangzhou, it was very cold. As a result, last week in Beijing, this week in Shanghai, I encountered a rare autumn sun. However, in this season, I can just wear my favorite suit jacket, happy!

Guess how many suit jackets do I have? Guess there is a prize haha. For me, it is a very high-utilization item. In addition to the summer, the other three seasons are often worn.

The bad guys in the studio shouted all day and let me break off and said that my suit jacket was too much. But I am not willing. Emm~ Because each one is different. In addition to the difference in color and color, the suits of different types of suits will feel far away. Longer, wider, and waisted… these subtle differences will affect the overall effect. And each of my suits, the utilization rate is super high celebrity dresses!

About the blazer, I actually wrote it several times before. But every time someone writes, people say that when they look good, why do they wear old-fashioned? It is not necessarily the reason for the temperament and photo retouching. Most likely because:

First, the version is not suitable. After I made my own clothes, I was deeply aware of the importance of the clothes type. A lot of clothes are hanging there, and the naked eye may feel that there is no difference, but once the difference in upper body is reflected.

Often, some students feel that they are wearing a suit, and it may be that your version is not selected. Like this picture, the three versions are somewhat different. The details of the collar, pocket, length, etc. are different.

Second, the version is correct, but did not choose the right match. Different types of suits, some suitable for trousers, and some suitable for skirts.

Different versions of suits may also be worn differently. I wrote it before, this year it is very popular to put a suit into it. Some students think that it is incredible. In fact, there are some very narrow versions, plus the thin fabric, which is very nice to tie in. See Liu Wen’s demonstration

Today, I would like to say who is suitable for different types of blazers, as well as some matching points, I hope to help you choose the suit jacket that suits you or wake up your wardrobe:

(Example card statement: This article does not contain any commercial soft implants)

2 autumn and winter to buy a jacket, many people have ignored this point back to the top
The most versatile is not picking people: oversize suit

If you don’t know what style to buy, just buy an oversize suit with your eyes closed. It almost takes up half of the sky in the street, because it’s really versatile. The most of my own wardrobe is also this version.

Compared with the traditional slim suit, its shoulder line is slightly loose, the length covers the buttocks, it is not too loose and not too loose, and it is very comfortable to wear.

This slightly loose version is also the most covert and thin, and it is lazy but not pressed. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is suitable for almost all kinds of bodies.

A small 158cm, a big breasted sister, and a pregnant mother without a waistline can wear it.

The loose version is not easy to show old, it is the most versatile style in all blazers.

For the oversize suit, the little man thinks it is pressing, and some people think that it is fat or not wearing it, which may be misunderstood by oversize. It is not a simple “big one”, but “pretending a big one.”

Remember when you choose: the waist is loose, the length is over the hips, and the collar is wide and deep. But the shoulder line and sleeve length should be fitted. Contrast, the left side is a slim suit, the right is oversize, the style is different. But the shoulder sleeves are all right.

The version is right, it is easy to match. If you don’t know what to take, choose a white T-shirt/white shirt + jeans, all colors are applicable.

Change the jeans into a skirt, another style.

Change the skirt to a thicker one, change the shoes into boots, and be cold and not afraid.

The long-sleeved dress is also beautiful, but if you are worried about pressing it, the inner dress should stand out from the waistline.

3 autumn and winter to buy a jacket, many people have ignored this point back to the top
Oversize suits are loose because of the loose version, and the choices are also very rich. Many clothes will not appear bloated when they are worn. Such as hooded sweaters, so it is very sporty.

It’s not a good idea to wear a few more pieces. Such as shirt + sweater. Miss Zhong’s bright color socks are so bright

Even the oversize blazer can be worn inside a denim jacket. The corduroy material is not afraid to be said to be like a grandmother.

Oversize suits can not only be worn everyday, but also can be worn when encountering big scenes. The secret is to wear a whole set, if not, choose a trousers of the same color. The inside is the focus, with the bralette underwear, the side is very sexy.

The most gas field: big woman wind suit

You guessed it, I recently fell in love with the big woman wind suit jacket.

When I wrote the big woman style at the beginning of the year, I said that this style is a resurgence of retro design in the 1990s. The big woman style suit has a masculine large profile, a strong shoulder pad with a strong sense of power, and an exaggerated version, like stealing a dad’s coat.

4 autumn and winter to buy a jacket, many people have ignored this point back to the top
The big woman style suit also belongs to the oversize suit, but it is more “exaggerated.” Contrast, the left is the ordinary oversize suit, and the right is the big woman suit.

Yes, the big woman style suit is not only exaggerated, but also more picky, so the tall and thin girls are easier to support. But I still love it very much, because its advantages are also very prominent. For people like me who like retro style, a single item completes the retro degree of the whole body. Its style and recognition is still outstanding.

And the tall and thin people have no taboos in the match, even if the above are all loose, it looks very super model.

A tall girl can also match jeans or something, so I won’t say much. There are often high-school girls in the background to ask how to wear, emm, this question is not easy to answer, because it is really good to wear a gas field.

You can also try to wear a set. Comparing the upper body effect of different heights, the height of the student on the left is a loss. Of course, in the photo position, if you can open as much as the right side and reveal the waist line, it will look better.

So, is the hobbit missing from the big woman’s wind jacket?

I am very happy to tell you: pro test is not! I used to wear this Jean Paul Gaultier suit in the antique store in Milan. In the 90s, it was a big woman style suit. I felt like I had a one-eighth air field!

There are also tips to choose from. Why do I have to dress up a woman’s suit in a vintage store? Because the 90S suit, in addition to the shoulder position have made shoulder pads to enhance the gas field, the length is also longer, but will do different levels of waist design to highlight the shape of the clothes. Unlike many big women’s wind jackets today, they are all loose H-type, not friendly enough for small people.

Exposed to the legs and a pair of high heels, no longer afraid of being crushed by the big woman’s wind jacket.

5 autumn and winter to buy a jacket, many people have ignored this point back to the top
Next time I want to try it out to make a silky half skirt, which is soft and soft, and more style. Hobbits should also be able to control

If you buy a loose version, there is another trick for the Hobbit to wear it, and that is to add a belt. However, the waist is more prone to pleats.

Tall guys can try to match wide-leg pants. If you want to take a small one, it is recommended to work hard on the shoes and choose a higher one.

It is worth noting that the more relaxed the suit is, the more it can cover the flesh. The big woman’s wind suit is not very suitable for people whose shoulders are wide and the upper body is more fleshy.

The most classic: slim suit

Fitted small suits have not been popular for a few years. But I guess a lot of people have it. It is the strongest form of formality, easy to wear, but easy to wear.

Miss Watson’s body is very classic, and the red lips are very good.

However, this formal payment is also the easiest to show old. Several assistant chicks said that they bought it a few years ago and are now idle.

Or look at the version first.

In contrast, it is shorter than the length of the ordinary oversize, some are above the crotch, the shoulder line is just right, and there are some designs for the waist. This style will be relatively picky, and the apple or pear shape will not look good. The advantage is that it will be higher and more neat.

It’s easy to be old-fashioned. When you buy, you can choose some bright and vivid suits, and you will be young at once.

Or choose some cotton and linen texture, more casual.

In the collocation, remember to avoid the old items.

Try it with a cool and cool piece. For example, like a small KK with leather pants.

6 times top
It’s also very refreshing to wear white trousers. If you don’t wear glasses, it will be more divided~

Because of the close fit, the slim suit doesn’t have much room to play. You can’t wear a thick sweater. It’s more comfortable with sleeveless/short sleeves, such as old vests and slings. It can be replaced with a thin cashmere sweater when it is cool.

Slim suits are not old-fashioned and highly recommended with a skirt.

Choosing a pleated skirt will also make it look more agile. Stone sister is also very good in color.

Slim suits will be more old-fashioned, but if you match a skirt, it’s a different matter. OP is quite elegant.

I have a trick with a veil, and the lightness of the gauze makes the suit less serious~

Lightweight single-layer skirts are also suitable for this, and the fabric contrasts vividly and swaying.

A small slim suit with a neckline can also be worn alone, and it is not easy to get out. Dior’s Bar jacket version is really great, especially slim. However, when the coat is opened, there is no such elegant taste.

Many people said that I was thin before putting this picture. Haha, in fact, this dress is especially slim.

The most high: ultra short suit

The ultra-short jacket is a rising star in the past two years, and the most popular ones are ultra-short suits. Look at Liu Wen’s wear, only half of the long suit is long! Compared with ordinary suits, it obviously looks more special and more eye-catching. And you can optimize the scale. (The ratio of Liu Wen and other optimizations will be reversed!)

Many brands are out. You should have seen all the Zara blockbusters. It was very hot at the time.

The choice of short suits should be: there should be shoulder pads but not too big, the version should be loose but not too wide, the length should be short but not too short. Haha, is it very annoying? Look at the picture and compare it. The straight H-shape is larger than the left-handed silhouette.

Ultra-short suits seem to optimize the proportions, especially for those with a long upper body length.

But in fact it is very tall, because it does not have any modification to the lower body, not very suitable for pear shape. More suitable for students with more well-balanced body.

Because it is short, it can hardly protect the stomach and keep warm.

It can’t be arbitrarily matched. It is not very suitable for dressing. After wearing the skirt, the waistline will be covered, and the whole person looks like a bucket and looks thick.

Its good partner is high waist pants. Many fashion super short suits like to wear a navel, but not suitable for us. T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, etc. are recommended during this season.

If the collar is large enough, it can be turned over and worn to increase the sense of hierarchy.

Remember to put the hem inside the trousers into the pants, and the spirit is neat.

2019 is the most anticipated cotton and linen fashion.

Where is the most trendy Chinese fashion event? From November 1st to November 3rd, 2019, Shenzhen Kapok Road Clothing Co., Ltd. will take you into a fashion culture feast named “cotton and linen” – 2019 Jiangxi International Hemp Textile Expo.

Cotton and linen originated in China and is known as the “national textile source, Wannian Yizu”. In ancient times, it was the first choice of the mass society, and it was also a culture that was precipitated in thousands of years of history. It was also a representative of the spirit. Now, cotton linen has returned to people’s attention, and has set off a fashion trend of traditional and modern collisions.

Jiangxi International Hemp Textile Expo came into being under the background of this era. After several years of precipitation, it has now grown into the largest and most influential event in the hemp textile industry. With its excellent reputation, innovative ideas, professional models and international vision, It has attracted more and more “big coffee” enterprises in the hemp industry.

The “four halls and one district” of the Expo will cover an exhibition area of ​​more than 12,000 square meters. There will be 135 planned booths, 9 fashion shows will be staged, innovative design invitations, Xiab cultural festivals, and more super guests will be in the industry. Lecture Hall… The highlights are brilliant and superb, surpassing the past in terms of specifications and scale, achieving unprecedented improvement celebrity dresses.

What is particularly expected is that the improved Chinese style fashion brand Kapok Road, which has been devoted to more than 20 years in the field of cotton and linen clothing, has also received an invitation from this event, and will present a poetic and elegant clothing conference to spread contemporary cotton and linen. Costume culture.

It’s not beautiful, it’s a big situation. Shenzhen Kapok Road Apparel Co., Ltd. is well versed in the millennium of the Chinese millennium. The Kapok Road brand of the design and production of the Kapok Road brand carefully selected soft and delicate ironing, breathable cool and comfortable natural jacquard cotton and linen fabrics, to pure and simple, free elegant. On this basis, it integrates the classic traditional craftsmanship and fashionable modern techniques: hand-painted rhyme, intended to be elegant and natural; the buckle is the collar of the Chinese knot, not to win the glory, but to add a beautiful and graceful…

Every piece of clothing, for the Kapok Road, carries a tribute to the cotton and linen culture. It takes dozens of complicated procedures, a variety of precious hand-made, and tries various unique designs… both inheriting the Chinese The classic charm of the costumes continues to innovate the modern fashion of Chinese costumes, allowing consumers not only to wear beauty, but also to wear comfort and elegance.

It is reported that Kapok Road has accumulated many years of efforts and has already owned more than 100 entities in the country to join the store. Its style of clothing is very popular among fashion people of different ages. It has had amazing performances in international fashion festivals such as China International Fashion Week, China International Apparel and Fashion Fair and Guangdong Fashion Week.

Then this time, the strong cooperation between Kapok Road and 2019 Jiangxi International Hemp Textile Expo will be a spark, so let us wait and see!

What happened to the fashion circle? Use frogs to clip ears, and stockings with chicken legs

Every year, there are fascinating fashion items in the fashion circle. Every time I go back to the hot search, I have aroused the curiosity of Xiaobian. Let’s take a look at this confusing style today.

It is reported that this is a frog bite earring made by a Japanese bio-jeweler. It is equivalent to hanging the frog on the body, and the photo also shows the model’s ear red, which is really distressed.

Picking up this long, afraid of the frog’s friends are estimated to be unacceptable, and sure enough, the biologist’s brain circuit can not understand, but this is the baby gospel without ear piercing, because it is too convenient ~

I only heard the hole shoes used to wear, I didn’t expect to turn into earrings. I hung a whole shoe on my ear. It’s really appealing to the model’s ears. However, don’t underestimate the earrings. It’s said that this pair The hole shoe earrings are priced at 30 dollars, and have been sold out on the brand’s official website. Is it a derailment of the small series and the fashion circle?

Some time ago, Wang Ju also wore earrings made of two Barbie doll heads. Although it was well controlled, it was a bit scary. It was called “Childhood Shadow Series”. I don’t know which one was designed by the unexpected designer. of celebrity dresses.

I don’t know if there is nothing to design. I actually use the ear clips to clip money. Is this convenient for everyone to pay?

This earring with paper towel is probably the gospel of mankind~ Super suitable for those who often forget to bring paper towels, can also be disassembled and replaced, and buy with confidence.

Who wears the stockings that have become chicken legs are really slim artifacts, this 3D effect is also real life, there is absolutely no feeling of wearing a door, 100% guarantee that the rate of return is super high!

At first glance, I thought I could eat this baguette! I didn’t expect it to be a bag! With avocado-colored dresses, there is also an unexpected harmony.

What is even more incomprehensible is that the brand of “washing sponge” high-heeled shoes by the brand Christopher Kane is really confusing. It is decorated with yellow and blue sponge strips, which makes many people think that it is in the kitchen. “Bowl sponge.”

On the show floor, there are not only “washing sponge” high heels, but also this HBA double-headed shoes. His design owner, Shayne Oliver, admits that this is a derivative from his brain, a double-sided mirror symbolizing the double head. It is a classic western boot that fully demonstrates itself, and it is inspired by life.

The side-by-side juxtaposition of the two-headed shoes, coupled with the model’s affectionate interpretation, is like a pair of twin images. Some netizens said that these shoes are almost forced to die obsessive-compulsive disorder, but if you do not look at the direction of the model walking, it is impossible to distinguish between before and after.

Halloween Eve Stars teach you how to be fashionable and not to be a man!

Today is the annual Halloween eve, PC sauce has been surrounded by the strong Halloween atmosphere in these days.

At the beginning of Halloween, there is a strong religious color. Because it is related to “A Gone with the Wind”, the theme must be inseparable from the scary words of “terror, surprise, horror”. Later, it gradually evolved into a carnival for all the people to dress up ghosts: witches, zombies, vampires, jealousy, evil spirits and other characters have joined the Halloween luxury package celebrity dresses.

There are so many Western festivals, but Halloween is the most grand, and wearing clothes is not the most personal. And the annual headache of “What to wear for Halloween” is coming again.

How can I not wear Halloween? First Kang Kang, these stars who won’t be a good person before and after Halloween will dress you up!

Halloween star ghost contest

The small S has dried out the Halloween dress of the mother and daughter four, the perfect cos zombie bride, the witch and the famous faceless man under Miyazaki’s pen, the degree of expressiveness is 100 points!
And Bai Yu’s brother and Su Youpeng invariably put on the evil makeup and exposed their ghost faces.
Dress up the ghosts and the players who are not like humans, and Li Zhiting, directly put on the white cloth of evil spirits, holding pumpkins and shovel, and looking a bit cute?

And like a ghost-like ghost contest, PC sauce announced that it won the championship by vampire Huang Minglu, and does not accept refutation!

On the other hand, the similarity of foreign star cos ghosts is indistinguishable from domestic stars.

Simple and rude, it is necessary to count the side of Exo. Directly wrapped in gauze, with a white cataract, mixed with red eyeshadow, it became the most handsome mummies in history.

The details of the control player is the Thai baht – the Annabel style with a three-pointer, winning by the details!

Run to the other side of the Pacific Ocean and see Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Cos in 1988, the classic horror movie “The Great Master of the Underworld”, which perfectly replicates the couple who became ghosts when they died in a car accident.

And when Adam Lambert turned into a demon from hell, his head was double-angled, his anger was rushing to the crown, and every sharp corner on his wings looked trembled.

      This year’s horror movie “Clown Back to the Soul 2” after the release of the heat wave is still, Demi Lovato is the first to imitate the protagonist Penny Wise, but this sexy clown makes the PC sauce scream!

The most fashionable female ghost, the winner is our Jingjing goddess. Rihanna is wearing pink enamel makeup, wearing a seductive black skinny patent leather, and not forgetting to wear sunglasses. Businesswomen are really fashionable and fashionable!

So those stars who really love to dress up and ghosts will not be personally around Halloween.

Halloween Fashion Show Carnival

In addition to the stars who are playing the Halloween scorpion “not good to be a man”, the fashionable fashion show also loves skin!

When McQueen was alive, his design of Alexander McQueen and Halloween grotesque, horror always have a coincidence. In the fall/winter 2001 ready-to-wear collection, McQueen moved the abandoned amusement park to the show. Along with the classic rides, the carousel, the models are dressed in clowns.

      Even if the show is silent, the suffocation of this kind of confrontation is still as immersive.

      Moschino, who has never taken the usual path and loves to do things, also had a cosmic Halloween in the early spring of 2020: inspired by many horror films, “inviting” witches, crickets, vampires and other Halloween regulars to the Halloween eve of the fashion circle. Join the Moschino Ghost Horse Elf. Who can think of the Gaoding series to play like this?

Dilara Findikoglu, London’s most sultry fashion brand, created a utopian world with grotesque ridiculousness. The 2020 spring and summer ready-to-wear collection was transformed into a blood-stained angel. The terrible horror is called purgatory.

On the Prada 2019 autumn and winter show, the evil spirits are printed on the ready-to-wear, accompanied by the dim light on the T-stage, creating a ghostly and sacred atmosphere.

MAREUNROL’S, the pioneer brand that once won the LVMH Prize, designed the avant-garde design with a bird jacket and black perspective lace that was picked up by the crow to interpret the darkness and depression of the Halloween.

Halloween joint series

Since Halloween is a holiday for all people, many brands have also seized this huge consumer market, and have launched Halloween limited edition products.


      You see, high street co-star Zara has come together to join in the fun this year, and launched a cooperative costume with the famous horror movie “Sparkling”: weird twin sisters, blood-stained elevators… put on the classic scene of the scene, bring their own horror sense. Halloween doesn’t rely on pretending to be a ghost. I have to say that Zara won a lot this time!


      Severe sneakers have to hold their wallets, and Nike SB Dunk Low Pro launches the Halloween limited edition “Night of Mischief.” Designed with orange leather with the “Pumpkin Light” pattern and the “Trick & Treat” on the heel, the Halloween theme will be released on October 31st today. Goose, Jay Chou has already put it in advance!

The Nike Air Force 1 in the Shibuya area is dominated by pumpkin orange and black, and the word “SBY” is printed on the diagonal back. It is not only very urban but also full of Halloween, also on October 31. Sold at Shibuya Atmos and Billy’s.


      Now, Halloween costumes and shoes are all in line, is it still a bag? But I didn’t expect Pedro’s Halloween series to be out of my mind this year. I changed the color and printed the words “Halloween Limit”. So it is too lazy to make money in disguise.


      With the limited edition of Halloween equipment, the makeup on the face can of course not fall. The model camp Colourpop launched the Smoke Show series of Halloween-limited makeup before Halloween this year, with a silver-gray color scheme as the main color, and a proper smoky feeling.

On the other hand, the domestic model perfect diary also launched a Halloween make-up set, which includes lip glaze, mascara, eye shadow, nail stickers, all-round contracting Halloween makeup. With the gift box and the decoration of the witch hat, this Halloween seems a bit cute!