Fire petals and shower gels have been upgraded at home and abroad? Deaf people do not necessarily use perfume

When it comes to scent, everyone has their own scent. In people, people tend to multiply their feelings because of a certain scent. Body scent can be said to be a trump card to enhance personal charm! How can I bring my own body fragrance? In addition to perfume, of course, choose a long-lasting shower gel! At the China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo that just ended on September 5-7, the creation of super popular petal shower gel Brand Austin brings a new upgraded petal shower gel, and the upgraded version of the premium incense once again harvests the hearts of a group of girls celebrity dresses.

As everyone knows, As the originator of true flower care, Austin is the world’s first brand to apply true flowers in shower gel. Based on the deep insight into consumers, it cuts through the refined categories of true flower care, and its original true flower bath Once listed on the market, it has set off a wave of true flower care in the industry. In the Chinese market, the cumulative sales have exceeded 100 million bottles. It is not difficult to find that it is innovative and forward-looking.

This time, Austin and the third-party survey agencies conducted in-depth investigations of more than 2,000 consumers in six major cities across the country. The report (hereinafter referred to as the report) shows that consumers now have higher requirements for bath products, they do not Resatisfied with the simple cleaning needs of the past, but the persistence of fragrance, the skin feel after bathing, the density of foam, and even the skin care of the skin and the facial skin. In addition, I hope that during the bathing process, I can release the pressure and enjoy the pleasure.

Justin is looking at this trend, and is committed to creating the most beautiful flower bath in China, so that the body’s skin can be treated like a facial skin. From then on, 30 minutes of bathing time becomes a pleasure. From the seven dimensions of more fragrance, silkier, milder, cleaner, more pleasant and higher, it upgrades the popular petal shower gel to meet the more demanding and diverse bathing needs of the new generation of consumers.

According to reports, people’s personal care is no longer limited to the face, but began to pay attention to physical care. In the past, the demand for facial care, such as whitening, silky, silky, long-lasting moisturizing, gentle care, etc. Transfer to bath products.

The new product of Austin’s unveiled beauty fair is the core selling point of “true flowers and true fragrance”. From the appearance, formula, efficacy and experience, it has made a new upgrade to its main petal shower gel series.

Upgrade the selling point one, and stay fragrant. I am eager for natural body fragrance, I want to smell the favorite fragrance and fall asleep. I hope that the next day after the bath, I still have the fragrance. The consumer’s requirements for the bath products are comparable to those of the high-end perfumes, and they are upgraded to a more sustainable fragrance. In this regard, the head of the marketing department of the company, said that this time, the company’s top fragrance supplier, the company’s top fragrance supplier, adopted the international patented aromatic microcapsule package technology, which is called the French bomb “bomb”. It can effectively wrap thousands of fragrance particles, which not only can better protect the fragrance, but also allows the microcapsules to instantly release the fragrance during the shower, allowing consumers to appreciate the fragrance of the top fragrance, and after blasting The small molecular aromatic particles can have a good adhesion to the skin, so as to achieve the purpose of lasting fragrance, the next day after the bath is still fragrant and pleasant.

Upgrade the selling point two, more silky. Focusing on one of the core concerns of consumers’ attention, in order to create a more silky use of touch, Austin uses a high moisturizing and smoothing factor, which can be closely attached to the skin. It can form a “moisturizing film” on the skin, so that the skin will be deeply moisturized for a long time after the bath. It is as delicate and silky as the shelled egg, and it does not slip.

Upgrade the selling point three, more gentle. It is well known that the pH of human health sebum membrane is weakly acidic. Only bath products with similar pH value can fully open the pores to deep clean without harming the skin, while alkaline bath products can only be cleaned to the surface. It is dirty and will take away the moisture on the surface of the skin, thus hurting the skin. And the new upgraded petal shower gel of Austin adds the natural plant amino acid extract extracted from apple, and the pH value is close to the pH value of the human sebum membrane, which can maintain the intact barrier function of the skin, and effectively moisturize the skin while getting the delicate skin. Comprehensive protection.

Upgrade the selling point four, more clean. In terms of cleanliness, Austin also insists on using pure natural ingredients. Adding a natural plant-derived foaming ingredient, APG, makes the foam as dense as a cloud. It not only cleans the dirt deep in the pores, but also cleans the elbows of the limbs that are difficult to clean on weekdays.

Upgrade the selling point five, more enjoyable. According to the report, with the increasing life and work pressure of the new generation, they will play music and aromatherapy while bathing, aiming to release the pressure to put themselves in a relaxed and pleasant bathing atmosphere. To this end, Austin added a “happiness factor” from the French cornflower extract to the product formula. It is reported that the “happiness factor” can activate Klotho protein, which represents the happiness index, and bring consumers a more relaxed and enjoyable bathing experience.

Upgrade the selling point six, more special. In response to the different bathing needs of the new generation of consumers, such as whitening, moisturizing, smoothing and firming, this new Austin petal shower gel is designed to create 6 different shower gel products, each The flower-shaped shower gel has different effects. The ash amide cherry blossom shower gel with the ace whitening ingredient is mainly used to brighten the skin. The rose petals shower gel adds the essential oil of the rose to make the skin smooth and smooth. The orchid can make the skin firm and firm. Elastic, jasmine petal shower gel adds hyaluronic acid, the main moisturizing, and lavender can help the skin remove the acne on the back, chamomile flower shower gel contains golden enamel ingredients, can soothe the skin, etc., bring more to consumers A bathing effect that suits your needs.

Upgrade the selling point seven, higher beauty. In addition to the upgrade of the product’s functional experience, Austin has been adhering to the high value of the past in the packaging, and has made a brand-new upgrade on the packaging around the brand positioning of real flowers. The person in charge of the marketing department of the Austin told reporters that in order to create a more brand-recognized product, this time, Austin invited the Japanese Shiseido packaging design designer Ito·Essence to design an exclusive private model, from the bottle cap and bottle neck to the bottle body. They all reflect the imprint of true flowers, aiming to strengthen the unique brand impression of Austin in the hearts of consumers.

Ingenuity flowers, only true flowers. With a bottle of shower gel that exudes a pleasant floral fragrance, you can be immersed in the fragrance of each day, from the sense of sight, smell and touch, bringing you the pleasure and happiness of flowers! Every time you have a private time, you have flowers.

The big gold chain that once was horrified by people, has now become a must for Gigi’s street? !

Recently, when the street was shot, Biebei found that the current fashionable people are no longer just looking at the blingbling crystal accessories, but they all wear the big gold chain that everyone has respected celebrity dresses.

Speaking of this single item, many people used to combine it with the bandits. If you don’t wear it a little, it will become a nouveau riche in minutes. But this year, it really returned to the stage of fashion, and won a lot of love with a new look~

European beauty stars are particularly fond of this accessory. Gigi has recently used metal necklaces to match costumes. The wild shape is paired with a narrow-necked sunglasses, which is completely the rhythm of slay.

Kylie Jenner recently put her gold bracelet and gold earrings on the ins, which is also a real rich man.

Table Bay checked Kylie’s recent metal earrings from the Balenciaga family, which is equivalent to RMB 4,500.

Looking at the country, even the gentle and tender goddess Guo Biting also picked up the metal chocker of this thick chain, let alone, it is quite shiny~

In fact, when you want to match the clothes, this item is really an essential plus item for this summer!

How did the fashionista in the street shoot the interpretation of this piece?

The metal necklace itself is enough to have a sense of style, so wearing it alone will not be boring and monotonous.

Even if it is a clothing item with a color, you can become cool with the blessing of the gold chain.

However, to say that this item is the best match, it is still black clothing, the overall look is absolutely a big style, domineering.

If you want to be more talented, you can choose a high-saturation color to match this necklace, like the supermodel Mariacarla Boscono, with a return rate of 200%.

In recent years, the popular silhouette suits with this necklace are also very good, which can weaken the dullness and stereotype brought by the clothes, and the overall shape instantly becomes full of vitality.

If the weather is not so hot, you can wear it outside the high collar to create some more fashionable hipster look.

Of course, the girls on the small fresh route don’t have to worry about it. You can choose a gold chain with a slightly conservative shape and continue to be cute~

In addition to the ordinary chain terms, there are some gold chains with pendants on the market recently, which are more suitable for girls with styles of street personality.

Fashionable partners will definitely want more levels when pairing. In fact, this necklace and other accessories are also very friendly.

The easiest way to stack is to choose a necklace with different thickness on the basis of the original gold chain, so that the match will never go wrong.

If you don’t find a suitable gold chain with a pendant, you can also stack it directly with another long pendant necklace.

More daring, you can take a short scarf like the influx of people below, super stylish and avant-garde~

For lazy stars who want to highlight fashion and layering but are too lazy to match, there is a way to do both.

That is to buy a long gold chain and wrap around a few times, the effect can be very good!

This kind of wearing method can highlight the gas field, and the hipsters put it outside the black shirt. The image of a strong woman who walks with the wind is difficult to walk on the street.

If you don’t have much to say, watch the table to hurry up the gold chain!

Aura filled sequins, the stars are falling in love

Who wouldn’t want to become a little fairy with a fairy fluttering? It is not enough to have a super high face value, and it takes some care to become different.

Recently, Angelababy’s Elf sequins makeup has attracted the attention of Amy’s sister. She is beautifully decorated with some sequins under her eyes. The hip-hop dirty to unlock the exclusive fashion of the “Elves”, the light is flowing, the stars are twinkling, as if The woman in the fantasy wonderland.

Angelababy himself also said on the Internet that she is “Star Eyes” and attached a self-portrait. It seems that the makeup is very chic and beautiful celebrity dresses.

In fact, this sequin makeup is deeply loved by the entertainment stars, not only Angelababy, but other stars rely on it to make themselves more shining.

The beauty blogger Rose, who was being misunderstood, had sunburned her own sequins, and she had a seductive piece of sequins on her eyes. She had a fairy-tale beauty.

Wu Xuanyi likes sequin makeup very much. She has adopted this style of makeup on several occasions to increase the sweetness.

Lin Yun also put a sequin on the blockbuster, blingbling is very dazzling.

Not only actresses, but also male stars fall in love with this look. Wang Yuan, who has always described himself as a “just” character, has used such a style at the concert. He has a delicate beauty and is more handsome and charming.

The sequins makeup is so beautiful, PONY God also likes it very much, and also personally explained the three methods of sequining, let us study together!

Method 1: When sticking the sequins, it is best to use the glue that sticks the false eyelashes. The white glue will solidify more naturally than the black glue.

Method 2: If you want to keep that big sequins for a long time, it is recommended to use double eyelid glue, which is also easy to peel off like glue.

Method 3: If you want to put delicate sequins on your face, you can use Vaseline to apply Vaseline on your face, and then use a brush or fingertip to point the pearl, the sequins will become more durable.

How good is the classic plaid textbook?

It’s not autumn recently.

A lot of Japanese and Japanese have already worn out in the early fall.

Under my careful observation

Found that the appearance of the lattice element is really

Very high!

Predict a wave

In the second half of the year, the lattice elements will be on fire again
Correctly speaking

It’s going to be even hotter.

Because of the word “outdated”

For the grid element

Is not there
“Grid element” never goes out of style

Only off-season and peak season


As a grid control

When buying a plaid item

In fact, I also stepped on a lot of thunder.
Then I will use my blood lessons.

Give you a summary of the points

When selecting a grid element

Be sure to avoid the minefield! !
Have you ever seen a checkered tablecloth?

Usually black and red are the most common

Grid item of this type

Composed of only one color line

The line is thicker and the interval is unchanged.

And will form a medium-sized grid

At first glance

Just! very! general! through!
Everyone thinks and knows

Us ordinary people

Put an ordinary tablecloth on your body

Will it look good? !
Not to mention ordinary people celebrity dresses .

Even a big star is hard to hold

Inside this group of photos

Song Wei wears this piece

Also cover a large area from beginning to end


Compared with Song Wei’s consistently athletic wear

Really worse than a little bit

(It has nothing to do with people! It is a problem with clothes!!)
But it is not to say

All single-variant, single-color grids

Can’t choose

If you choose a thin line

Small plaid piece

Will be a lot better
However, the grid with higher color brightness

In addition to taking pictures and looking good

Everyday wear is also more thundering
If you don

Try to choose a low color brightness

In short, it is a piece that looks like a tablecloth.

Still don’t wear it on your body.

Just let it lie on the pad table~ If you don’t want to go wrong

Try to choose a low color brightness

In short, it is a piece that looks like a tablecloth.

Still don’t wear it on your body.

Just let it lie on the pad table~
Wang Suzhen’s brother is

Plaid, striped enthusiasts

a lot of shapes

Both elements appear

But still unfortunately dripped this thunder
When the stripes and the lattice collide together

Not only did not collide with the spark

It will also make the overall wear very embarrassing

a little upper body and lower body

Truncated feeling
In short, it looks like

I feel that it is not harmonious~

listen to me!

Don’t wear it like this

Loose, Oversized is the general direction of the trend

So plaid shirt

Choose 1-2 yards larger than your own size

Is completely ok

Slim while

Can also wear a sense of personality

On the contrary, if you choose the right size

It will look a bit too common

The programmer immediately came out of sight

Avoiding Ray, we should take a look

How can I put the grid elements

Dress better!

This year’s plaid dress

Can be said to be from summer

Always fire until autumn

If it is a shirt skirt

The easiest way

Is to match a beret

Put on a pair of small shoes

The breath of the British wind immediately came to the fore

If you want a bolder try

Just like Nabi

Match a pair of Martin boots

Add some elements of functional wind

Properly handsome girl

If it is a summer dress

Don’t rush in the fall.

Break into the cold palace

We can match one piece inside

Solid color T-shirt / sweater

Or put a coat on the outside

I can continue to wear it into the winter!

Plaid pants look a bit unruly

But it doesn’t really matter.

As long as everyone avoids the “tablecloth”

I can choose more versatile plaid pants.

Casual plaid pants

With a loose top

Is the best

Comfortable to wear, still handsome and handsome

Brothers also love to wear this way.

If you want to wear it

More feminine

Can be worn with a shirt or sweater

It looks very gentle and pleasant.

More suitable for light and windy sisters

Plaid suit is a retro sense Max

The same as choosing a shirt.

Try to choose a looser style

Slim suit

Everyday wear is too illegal

And it will be more picky~

A loose suit is different~

Simply match one piece inside

Loose t-shirt

Wear the lower body missing

It’s a very popular boyish style.

If you want to be more handsome

Can also be like Nabi

Matching overalls

Paired with a plaid suit

Try to choose a simpler style

Not too smart

Otherwise it will look like an overall match

No focus~

It’s really no loss to start a plaid item~

Don’t wear a shirt again, you are worthy of having a slim “French waist”!

Shirts and suits are all formal, sometimes inevitably too rigid and rigid, want to wear a sense of fashion, in fact, only need to put the shirt hem into the pants. How to plug is also very particular about, “full plug” waist line is improved, but too formal; and “plug half” or “plug angle” hin fashionable, not only can create waist lines, but also a layered sense, also It can be used to show the length of the leg, and this kind of wearing method that is not obese and half fat is also called “French waist.” You don’t have to lose weight to lose weight, you can easily have a careful machine with thin waist and long legs, and don’t hurry to learn!

The front of the shirt is stuffed into the shorts and the half of the “French plug” is short and long. The layering is added to increase the level of the waistline and create a long leg.

The hem of the shirt is divided into two halves, half of which is stuffed into the trousers, and half of which is left outside, which makes it more casual.

The blue large printed shirt is half-dressed into the black pants, stylish and handsome.

The shirt is smashed into the skirt, which is more gentle and temperament.

The green striped silk shirt is half-cut into the wide-leg pants of the same pattern, and a set of vertical stripes is even thinner. The half-length of the clothes that is left outside the pants emphasizes the waistline.

The pink shirt is half-inserted into the skirt, and the figure is not highlighted.

The smoky gray shirt is stuffed into the denim wide-leg pants and fitted with a handbag and sunglasses.

The white shirt was half-plugged into the black wide-leg trousers, revealing the back hem, and the wide-leg pants were lazy.

The wide satin shirt has a French lazy feel, stuffed into white and wide-leg pants, simple and sophisticated, highlighting the sense of quality celebrity dresses .

Very holiday-inspired goose-yellow printed shirts are half-dressed into the open skirts. They have long legs and can easily get out of the street with flip-flops.

IMHO: short-necked girl, wearing a V-neck

A girl with a short neck, as long as she is a little fatter, will look very strong.

And the girl with short neck is limited in the choice of single items, such as the round neck locks the throat, the small high-necked collar wears a large high-necked effect, and the big high-necked collar does not dare to think, put on a high-necked collar. 50% off is not a dream.

Don’t worry, the V-neck is definitely a life-saving medicine for a short-necked girl.

Just wear a V-neck and have a short neck? nonexistent!

V-neck shirt

Come, let’s start with the most everyday shirts. If you are an office worker and your neck is not long enough, then you must try a V-neck shirt.

The V-neck shirt can be visually slim, has a long neck, and has a face-lifting effect.

The coolest white shirt on the day, compared to the all-fast tie, slightly unbuttons the two buttons to create a V-neck effect with black trousers. It is both temperament and spirit, even if you have a meeting with the CEO.

The V-neck shirt will increase the gas field and make the five features more three-dimensional.

If you are a full-bodied girl in the upper body, it is even better to choose the V-neck. When the neck is stretched visually, the V-neck attracts most of the eyeballs. Doesn’t fat people care about it?

Every day, choose a color shirt to make you more energetic, with a pair of versatile jeans. In short, this combination will make you elegant and noble when you go to work or leisure.

The cute little temperament route, you can try the French style V-neck shirt style, it is very easy to create a lazy elegance.

Deep V is the lowest and most difficult to control in the V-neck, and the big-breasted girl will be too exposed to wear.

And deep V is not suitable for relatively serious occasions such as going to work. If you don’t want to be too grand to attend the party, choose a deep V V-neck shirt.

The short shirt is the best choice for the V-neck style, and at the same time, according to the degree of skin, no more than just a good.

But short shirts should pay attention to one point: the V-neck shirt will have a sense of maturity. If you are a V-face girl, then wearing a V-neck will have a strong sense of age.

V-neck dress

Let’s talk about it, the girls must not be missing the dress, the spring season is to have celebrity dresses!

And the V-neck dress is a single item, I will not promise you no!

The sexy temperament of the V-neck dress itself, even the doll skirt V-collar, is even more sultry.
This solid color V-neck skirt, who wears is the fairy, the red and the satin material, both formal and fashionable, very suitable for the reception.

A V-neck tea break skirt is not lacking in the summer. It is lively and age-reducing and eye-catching, and it is instantly filled with gentle values.

Accepting the colors that are not too bright, you can choose the style of printing, the shoes are very everyday, and the high heels can be especially elegant.

V-neck halter top

If you want to wear a halter top in the summer, you really have to choose a V-neck halter top because not all the halter tops can feel comfortable.

The V-neck halter top with ruffle trim will be more sexy, with a skirt with the same ruffled edge, and the lady feels full.
If you think that the V-neck sling is too exposed, you can match the current hottest blazer, the looming clavicle, the V-neck’s flattering and the handsome suit, just in the middle, wearing it is what you want, I have it. .

It is very necessary to modify the visual problems by the small problems that cannot be changed.

As long as you get the right trick for yourself, it’s easy to get an 80-point capsule to reach 100 points.

Why is it that her dress is best for Asian girls to learn from?

Today, I would like to share with you a very interesting fashion blogger. I believe that friends who care about fashion should be familiar with it. She is the Korean Iber Irene kim, who can see her in all fashion situations.


Many European and American fashion bloggers wear good looks, but whether it is from the body or skin color, it is not very meaningful for Asian girls. But Irene Kim’s private service is neither exaggerated nor a more common style. After her collocation, it becomes a lot more fashionable.


The most basic white T, she can wear Super A, straight jeans, black overalls is her most commonly used white T single product this summer, short cropped navel with overalls, sexy and handsome in one .

The avocado green T-shirt follows the trend of color matching this summer. She is paired with a black wide-leg jeans.


Black short-sleeved + straight jeans, the most basic single product I believe everyone has, casually paired with a pair of sports shoes, is the guarantee of taste.


This year, all the stars are in Pick’s Marine Serre moon bottoming shirt. She wears jeans and ankle boots directly, and uses Superman’s body to control another taste.


Not only is it a sense of guilt and skill, but also a sweet and lovely style, but Irene is not too sweet and too greasy, but uses a white T to take a sling A-line skirt, visually comfortable and decent.

The whole wave of the whole body will not be boring, but the contrast between the upper and lower sides will create contrast and richness.


It is also a one-piece print skirt, which is easy to wear and fresh, and girls can start with one.


How can I wear sexy and not so explicit? Irene can be well balanced. In summer, a casual vest and a split skirt, sexy and not eye-catching, a pair of temperament boots to neutralize, the technique is very subtle.


The sexyness brought by the little black dress and pointed boots is self-contained and handsome.


Irene in a shirt is another style of painting. She doesn’t wear a shirt that is very regular. It is easy to wear a light blue shirt with a sense of uniform. She can easily untie two buckles with a necklace, which is very casual.


The white one-piece dress is refreshing and versatile in summer, while also pulling up the leg lines.


Irene never sets limits on her style. She is sweet, neutral and sexy. She can wear a comfortable suit and high street style.


When it’s private, it’s a comfortable fashion. When it comes to fashion weeks and fashion occasions, it’s when she plays with her skills. The color-changing LOOK is not so complicated, although it is a few years ago, the shape is now out of date.


When the devils and ghosts are sensational, Irene still maintains her fresh style, decorated with a wide girdle and a Loewe gate bag, without losing details.


A simple red skirt is so concave that it is very good. It is worthwhile to learn a school.


The background board debuted on a printed gauze that was lightly loaded, and it also attracted a lot of light.


A blogger like Irene Kim who has been online and not a demon is really a minority, and her collocation is also in line with the aesthetics of Asian girls. I don’t know what to wear when I look at her. Let’s go!

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