IMHO: short-necked girl, wearing a V-neck

A girl with a short neck, as long as she is a little fatter, will look very strong.

And the girl with short neck is limited in the choice of single items, such as the round neck locks the throat, the small high-necked collar wears a large high-necked effect, and the big high-necked collar does not dare to think, put on a high-necked collar. 50% off is not a dream.

Don’t worry, the V-neck is definitely a life-saving medicine for a short-necked girl.

Just wear a V-neck and have a short neck? nonexistent!

V-neck shirt

Come, let’s start with the most everyday shirts. If you are an office worker and your neck is not long enough, then you must try a V-neck shirt.

The V-neck shirt can be visually slim, has a long neck, and has a face-lifting effect.

The coolest white shirt on the day, compared to the all-fast tie, slightly unbuttons the two buttons to create a V-neck effect with black trousers. It is both temperament and spirit, even if you have a meeting with the CEO.

The V-neck shirt will increase the gas field and make the five features more three-dimensional.

If you are a full-bodied girl in the upper body, it is even better to choose the V-neck. When the neck is stretched visually, the V-neck attracts most of the eyeballs. Doesn’t fat people care about it?

Every day, choose a color shirt to make you more energetic, with a pair of versatile jeans. In short, this combination will make you elegant and noble when you go to work or leisure.

The cute little temperament route, you can try the French style V-neck shirt style, it is very easy to create a lazy elegance.

Deep V is the lowest and most difficult to control in the V-neck, and the big-breasted girl will be too exposed to wear.

And deep V is not suitable for relatively serious occasions such as going to work. If you don’t want to be too grand to attend the party, choose a deep V V-neck shirt.

The short shirt is the best choice for the V-neck style, and at the same time, according to the degree of skin, no more than just a good.

But short shirts should pay attention to one point: the V-neck shirt will have a sense of maturity. If you are a V-face girl, then wearing a V-neck will have a strong sense of age.

V-neck dress

Let’s talk about it, the girls must not be missing the dress, the spring season is to have celebrity dresses!

And the V-neck dress is a single item, I will not promise you no!

The sexy temperament of the V-neck dress itself, even the doll skirt V-collar, is even more sultry.
This solid color V-neck skirt, who wears is the fairy, the red and the satin material, both formal and fashionable, very suitable for the reception.

A V-neck tea break skirt is not lacking in the summer. It is lively and age-reducing and eye-catching, and it is instantly filled with gentle values.

Accepting the colors that are not too bright, you can choose the style of printing, the shoes are very everyday, and the high heels can be especially elegant.

V-neck halter top

If you want to wear a halter top in the summer, you really have to choose a V-neck halter top because not all the halter tops can feel comfortable.

The V-neck halter top with ruffle trim will be more sexy, with a skirt with the same ruffled edge, and the lady feels full.
If you think that the V-neck sling is too exposed, you can match the current hottest blazer, the looming clavicle, the V-neck’s flattering and the handsome suit, just in the middle, wearing it is what you want, I have it. .

It is very necessary to modify the visual problems by the small problems that cannot be changed.

As long as you get the right trick for yourself, it’s easy to get an 80-point capsule to reach 100 points.

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