Don’t wear a shirt again, you are worthy of having a slim “French waist”!

Shirts and suits are all formal, sometimes inevitably too rigid and rigid, want to wear a sense of fashion, in fact, only need to put the shirt hem into the pants. How to plug is also very particular about, “full plug” waist line is improved, but too formal; and “plug half” or “plug angle” hin fashionable, not only can create waist lines, but also a layered sense, also It can be used to show the length of the leg, and this kind of wearing method that is not obese and half fat is also called “French waist.” You don’t have to lose weight to lose weight, you can easily have a careful machine with thin waist and long legs, and don’t hurry to learn!

The front of the shirt is stuffed into the shorts and the half of the “French plug” is short and long. The layering is added to increase the level of the waistline and create a long leg.

The hem of the shirt is divided into two halves, half of which is stuffed into the trousers, and half of which is left outside, which makes it more casual.

The blue large printed shirt is half-dressed into the black pants, stylish and handsome.

The shirt is smashed into the skirt, which is more gentle and temperament.

The green striped silk shirt is half-cut into the wide-leg pants of the same pattern, and a set of vertical stripes is even thinner. The half-length of the clothes that is left outside the pants emphasizes the waistline.

The pink shirt is half-inserted into the skirt, and the figure is not highlighted.

The smoky gray shirt is stuffed into the denim wide-leg pants and fitted with a handbag and sunglasses.

The white shirt was half-plugged into the black wide-leg trousers, revealing the back hem, and the wide-leg pants were lazy.

The wide satin shirt has a French lazy feel, stuffed into white and wide-leg pants, simple and sophisticated, highlighting the sense of quality celebrity dresses .

Very holiday-inspired goose-yellow printed shirts are half-dressed into the open skirts. They have long legs and can easily get out of the street with flip-flops.

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