How good is the classic plaid textbook?

It’s not autumn recently.

A lot of Japanese and Japanese have already worn out in the early fall.

Under my careful observation

Found that the appearance of the lattice element is really

Very high!

Predict a wave

In the second half of the year, the lattice elements will be on fire again
Correctly speaking

It’s going to be even hotter.

Because of the word “outdated”

For the grid element

Is not there
“Grid element” never goes out of style

Only off-season and peak season


As a grid control

When buying a plaid item

In fact, I also stepped on a lot of thunder.
Then I will use my blood lessons.

Give you a summary of the points

When selecting a grid element

Be sure to avoid the minefield! !
Have you ever seen a checkered tablecloth?

Usually black and red are the most common

Grid item of this type

Composed of only one color line

The line is thicker and the interval is unchanged.

And will form a medium-sized grid

At first glance

Just! very! general! through!
Everyone thinks and knows

Us ordinary people

Put an ordinary tablecloth on your body

Will it look good? !
Not to mention ordinary people celebrity dresses .

Even a big star is hard to hold

Inside this group of photos

Song Wei wears this piece

Also cover a large area from beginning to end


Compared with Song Wei’s consistently athletic wear

Really worse than a little bit

(It has nothing to do with people! It is a problem with clothes!!)
But it is not to say

All single-variant, single-color grids

Can’t choose

If you choose a thin line

Small plaid piece

Will be a lot better
However, the grid with higher color brightness

In addition to taking pictures and looking good

Everyday wear is also more thundering
If you don

Try to choose a low color brightness

In short, it is a piece that looks like a tablecloth.

Still don’t wear it on your body.

Just let it lie on the pad table~ If you don’t want to go wrong

Try to choose a low color brightness

In short, it is a piece that looks like a tablecloth.

Still don’t wear it on your body.

Just let it lie on the pad table~
Wang Suzhen’s brother is

Plaid, striped enthusiasts

a lot of shapes

Both elements appear

But still unfortunately dripped this thunder
When the stripes and the lattice collide together

Not only did not collide with the spark

It will also make the overall wear very embarrassing

a little upper body and lower body

Truncated feeling
In short, it looks like

I feel that it is not harmonious~

listen to me!

Don’t wear it like this

Loose, Oversized is the general direction of the trend

So plaid shirt

Choose 1-2 yards larger than your own size

Is completely ok

Slim while

Can also wear a sense of personality

On the contrary, if you choose the right size

It will look a bit too common

The programmer immediately came out of sight

Avoiding Ray, we should take a look

How can I put the grid elements

Dress better!

This year’s plaid dress

Can be said to be from summer

Always fire until autumn

If it is a shirt skirt

The easiest way

Is to match a beret

Put on a pair of small shoes

The breath of the British wind immediately came to the fore

If you want a bolder try

Just like Nabi

Match a pair of Martin boots

Add some elements of functional wind

Properly handsome girl

If it is a summer dress

Don’t rush in the fall.

Break into the cold palace

We can match one piece inside

Solid color T-shirt / sweater

Or put a coat on the outside

I can continue to wear it into the winter!

Plaid pants look a bit unruly

But it doesn’t really matter.

As long as everyone avoids the “tablecloth”

I can choose more versatile plaid pants.

Casual plaid pants

With a loose top

Is the best

Comfortable to wear, still handsome and handsome

Brothers also love to wear this way.

If you want to wear it

More feminine

Can be worn with a shirt or sweater

It looks very gentle and pleasant.

More suitable for light and windy sisters

Plaid suit is a retro sense Max

The same as choosing a shirt.

Try to choose a looser style

Slim suit

Everyday wear is too illegal

And it will be more picky~

A loose suit is different~

Simply match one piece inside

Loose t-shirt

Wear the lower body missing

It’s a very popular boyish style.

If you want to be more handsome

Can also be like Nabi

Matching overalls

Paired with a plaid suit

Try to choose a simpler style

Not too smart

Otherwise it will look like an overall match

No focus~

It’s really no loss to start a plaid item~

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