Fire petals and shower gels have been upgraded at home and abroad? Deaf people do not necessarily use perfume

When it comes to scent, everyone has their own scent. In people, people tend to multiply their feelings because of a certain scent. Body scent can be said to be a trump card to enhance personal charm! How can I bring my own body fragrance? In addition to perfume, of course, choose a long-lasting shower […]

The big gold chain that once was horrified by people, has now become a must for Gigi’s street? !

Recently, when the street was shot, Biebei found that the current fashionable people are no longer just looking at the blingbling crystal accessories, but they all wear the big gold chain that everyone has respected celebrity dresses. Speaking of this single item, many people used to combine it with the bandits. If you don’t wear […]

Aura filled sequins, the stars are falling in love

Who wouldn’t want to become a little fairy with a fairy fluttering? It is not enough to have a super high face value, and it takes some care to become different. Recently, Angelababy’s Elf sequins makeup has attracted the attention of Amy’s sister. She is beautifully decorated with some sequins under her eyes. The hip-hop […]

Don’t wear a shirt again, you are worthy of having a slim “French waist”!

Shirts and suits are all formal, sometimes inevitably too rigid and rigid, want to wear a sense of fashion, in fact, only need to put the shirt hem into the pants. How to plug is also very particular about, “full plug” waist line is improved, but too formal; and “plug half” or “plug angle” hin […]

Why is it that her dress is best for Asian girls to learn from?

Today, I would like to share with you a very interesting fashion blogger. I believe that friends who care about fashion should be familiar with it. She is the Korean Iber Irene kim, who can see her in all fashion situations. . Many European and American fashion bloggers wear good looks, but whether it is […]